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Otherwise, if you think your profile is necessary for Algorismi but it is not listed below, then you may send us spontaneously your resume.
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Algorismi People

Algorismi people are persistently looking after customer satisfaction, while educating the market about quality, maturity and industrialization in software development.

Our mission requires a continuous and sustainable effort to train our people in new methods & techniques.

Such Human Ressource Management Strategy provides Algorismi with strongly skilled people in all the software engineering disciplines: from requirements management to release management, without forgetting coding and testing.

Algorismi Culture

The Algorismi philosophy is to work for progress in the IT industry and maybe in the whole society. Three values characterize the Algorismi culture:

  • Respect of the Person,
  • Respect of the Nature, and
  • Respect of the Human Diversity.

Collaborating with people coming from different countries is the key of our success. Respecting different habits of thinking allows Algorismi proposing innovative solutions to traditional issues.