X-TRAX 3.1

Algorismi introduces X-Trax 3.1 with amazing new features: progress board, custom charts, custom reports (RDL support), Test Data Management, Automated Iteration Planning... Gallery

Integrate easily X-TRAX 3.1 in your development process

Nowadays, a lot of tools support the development process (bugtrackers, continuous integration,...). Thanks plugin-based architecture, X-TRAX 3.1 is already integrated with most of the software development tools of the market (Bugzilla, JIRA, HUDSON, SVN, CVS...)

Central Repository

Manage Requirements, Tests, and Defects of all your projects in one single system.

Information to build a software is often located in many locations. File system is the application that stores the deliverables. In this case, it is quite difficult to manage the different artifacts to build the software.

ProjectsTrax solves this problem by centralizing all the information needed in one single SQL repository.

Software Traceability

Manage Traceability in the easiest way.

Working with traditional documents does not provide a clear insight onto the Traceability between the elements (requirements, tests, defects).

ProjectsTrax proposes a very simple traceability model that allows easily handling the traces between the artifacts.

Risk-based Testing

Manage the Risks of your projects and reduce your Testing Effort.

Software Testing is not just about finding defects and improving the quality of the product.

It is also finding the balance between an acceptable defects rate and the investment necessary to get to that point (testing effort).

ProjectsTrax integrates a very simple risk-based testing model.