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Sharing IT Knowledge

Algorismi shares some of our reports (slides, white papers,...) about some relevant topics that can be very useful for you.

Don't hesitate to ask us a question about any IT topic. Maybe we have a good paper that will help you.
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Next Session of the Belgian IT Club What will be the Future of Testing?

When: 17 of March 2011 at 2PM CET, UTC + 1
Where: Mercure Brussels Airport Av Jules Bordetlaan 74 1140 Brussels Belgium



How to write testable code?
G. Seront, IPL, May 2010

OO Legacy Code and Unit Testing
M. Lopez, Algorismi, June 2010



How do you know when to Stop Testing?
S. Frères, Atos Worldline, September 2010, Belgian IT Club
How do you know when to Stop Testing? (Advanced)
M. Lopez, Algorismi, October 2010, Algorismi Webinar
How do you know you have tested the software enough?
T. Van Mellaert, ImmuneIT, December 2010, Belgian IT Club

Software Innovation

Using the Machine to predict Testability.
M. Lopez, Algorismi, January 2011, Belgium Testing Days