Our Goal Optimize Software Quality

Algorismi's goal is to provide you with tools, techniques, and specialists in order to optimize the quality of your software.
Quality can be expensive, BUT non-quality is also expensive. So, the goal is to reach the OPTIMUM between quality and non-quality costs.

The race to Quality Has No finish Line

So, technically it's more like finding out the trade-off between costs and quality.
Our Quality Specialists can help winning this No Finish Line Race. You will benefit from a strong expertise in the quality domain.

Software Management

Our Quality Experts can help you improving each artifact needed for developing a software.

We can provide you with tools and techniques to better specifying requirements, better writing code, or running tests at lowest costs.

The Algorismi approach is two-fold:
  • Firstly, our Quality Experts perform an assessment of your software development process.
  • Secondly, we help you implementing the main recommendations of the assessment report.
Working that way allows always proposing the most suitable action plan regarding the needs and specificities of your company.

Software Automation

Reducing Costs and Increasing Quality is definitively our philosophy.

Automation is a critical competitive factor in the modern flexible and software production.

As Quality is expensive, Automation is a widely known means to reduce this cost.

Our Quality Experts can automate different activities of the development process.

From requirements checks to tests execution (unit or functional), we can apply automation at every stage of development.

Assessing a new code delivery or checking the coverage of the unit tests in regard with the code quality are some of the automated tasks our Quality Experts can deploy in your environment.

By using our tools or third-party applications, we will provide you with the most cost-efficient solution for your company.

Software Expertise

Requirements Engineering: from elicitation to change management, our experts can share with you all their experience for improving your requirements activities.

Software Development: assessing your code and giving some recommendations are the kind of services Algorismi can give you for improving the most important artifact you have to manage.

Software Testing: years of experience characterize our testing experts.

Our Testing Expertise covers:

  • Test Strategy Planning
  • Test Management
  • Test Execution
  • Error/Issue Management

Process Engineering: which is the most suitable development process for your organization or your project? Is the V-model good enough? Or, is it better to apply an iterative process? Did you hear about Agile Methodologies? Maybe an Agile approach is the most efficient for your company?

Our Quality Experts will support your IT managers to answer these questions, providing them with actual action plans.